Updated: 03/14/2017 01:25 PM | First Published: 03/14/2017 09:53 AM

Allison Holker got back in bikini just a month after welcoming son

Allison Holker dance pose

Being a dancer by profession, no wonder, Allison Holker is highly concerned about her body. However, she stunned the fans by flaunting off her toned tummy in bikini just after a month of welcoming a son Maddox. She got back into shape so fast shedding all the fat, she had gained before and after baby birth. 

The mesmerizing beauty posted a snap on Instagram, posing in a skimpy bikini. As she hasn’t been hitting DWTS floor, she has been lifting weights and making long walks with her dog. Since pregnancy, she has also focused on her diet mostly preferring oil-free diet. She credits her healthy lifestyle for the easy birth of her babies and smooth pregnancies. 

Sharing her experience of carrying baby bump, she said, “When I’m pregnant, I feel energized; I haven’t experienced any sort of exhaustion.” Now, the 5 feet 3 inches tall dancing pro has maintained a body weight of around 52 kg and nearly perfect body measurements of 34-25-33 inches.

Well-defined body and amber colored eyes have always been her distinctive features. it is understandable that dance is her biggest workout. Different dance rehearsals provided her with the nice cardio workout. Speaking in an interview with the Women’s Fitness, she said that she does workout daily with cardio for 20 minutes followed by 45 minutes of weight training and ended by 10 minutes of body stretching. She brings variation in her schedule by doing Yoga, TRX training, Pilates, and SoulCycle.