Riding With Alex Taylor is an exciting YouTube Channel created and led by the talented drag racer, Alex Nicole Taylor. With a passion for all things automotive, she not only races on the drag strip but also shares her love for cars through her YouTube channel. Beyond her skills on the track, many might recognize her as the friendly face from the TV show “Hot Rod Garage.”

Hot Rod Garage allows Taylor to dive deep into the world of cars, showcasing her expertise in a way that’s fun and accessible to fellow car enthusiasts. Whether she’s tearing down the asphalt at high speeds or getting her hands greasy in the garage, her YouTube Channel is a must-watch for anyone who shares her fascination with the world of automobiles.

Relationship Status

As for Alex Taylor’s relationship status, she is currently in a relationship with Nick Taylor. Nick is a fellow YouTuber known for his channel called Nickky Bobby Inc., where he shares content about cars and automotive adventures, just like Alex. Their shared love for cars might be what brought them together.

Nick Taylor is hugging Alex Taylor from behind.
Alex Taylor with her boyfriend, Nick Taylor (Source: Nick Taylor Instagram @nickky_bobby)

While it’s unclear exactly how long they have been dating, it’s evident that Nick is quite fond of Alex as he often posts about her on his Instagram account. It’s heartwarming to see their shared passion for automobiles possibly playing a role in their romantic connection, making them a dynamic duo both on and off the screen.

Net Worth Of The Racer

With an estimated net worth of $5 million, Alex Taylor’s financial success is closely tied to her passion for cars. Her YouTube channel, Riding With Alex Taylor, stands out as a significant contributor to her earnings. By consistently posting an average of three videos each month, she has cultivated a dedicated following, attracting around 70,000 views per video. This impressive viewership translates to a substantial income, generating at least $3,780 monthly from ad revenue alone.

In addition to her YouTube endeavors, Taylor diversifies her income streams by offering merchandise related to her brand. Fans have the opportunity to purchase a range of items such as T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and stickers. This not only strengthens her connection with her audience but also provides her with an extra avenue of financial stability. Through her multifaceted approach to income generation, she has not only turned her passion into a successful career but has also built a thriving brand that resonates with fellow car enthusiasts.

In addition to her racing and YouTube ventures, Taylor has expanded her horizons by establishing her business known as Alex Taylor Worx LLC. This enterprise likely allows her to explore a range of automotive-related activities, potentially involving services, products, or collaborations within the car community. Beyond her business, her influence has earned her the role of Co-Host on MotorTrend’s “Hot Rod Garage,” a platform where she can further share her passion and knowledge for automobiles with a broader audience.

About Taylor Parent’s And Siblings

Taylor’s family plays a significant role in her life and her journey in the world of cars. Her father, Dennis Taylor, is an influential figure who not only serves as a builder and designer but also influences her path in the automotive realm. Her mother, Debbie Taylor, is a multifaceted presence, working in PR, managing parts orders, and assisting in various capacities as needed. She also takes on the role of Drag Week co-pilot, showcasing the family’s strong bond and shared passion for racing.

Alex Taylor is holding the helmet as she is posing with Dennis, Debbie, and Megan Taylor.
Alex Taylor with her family, Dennis, Debbie, and Megan Taylor (Source: Debbie Taylor Instagram @debbie_taylor1320)

Taylor’s sister, Megan Taylor, contributes her talents as a researcher, photographer, and graphic designer, as mentioned on her official website. Her skills add a visual and creative dimension to the family’s automotive endeavors. Together, their collective efforts create a supportive and collaborative environment, propelling her success and helping her share her love for cars with the world.

About Taylor’s YouTube Channel

Taylor’s YouTube Channel, known as Riding With Alex Taylor, has become a hub for car enthusiasts to join her on exciting automotive journeys. She entered the YouTube scene on April 26, 2018, and since then, her channel has amassed an impressive total view count of over 12.8 million. With a dedicated following, her subscriber base has grown to over 128,000 individuals who eagerly await her latest content.

Among her uploads, Taylor’s most popular video titled “QUEST FOR THE 6s!! – 55 Build Introduction – Video 1” has garnered more than 370,000 views, indicating the strong connection she shares with her viewers. Through her engaging videos, she offers a virtual ride-along experience, inviting everyone to share her passion for cars and witness her automotive adventures firsthand.

Taylor’s YouTube channel is a dedicated space where the world of cars takes center stage. Her videos revolve around her life within the realm of automobiles, offering a glimpse into her dynamic experiences. From showcasing modifications and enhancements to capturing the exhilaration of races, her channel encapsulates the diverse facets of her automotive journey. Viewers get a firsthand look at her hands-on approach to car modifications, her participation in races that set her adrenaline pumping, and various other captivating car-related endeavors.

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Has A Showbiz Experience

Alex Taylor’s foray into showbiz is not limited to her online presence. She has extended her reach as the Co-Host of the popular MotorTrend show “Hot Rod Garage.” When she joined the show in 2022, she had already made her mark by participating in 13 episodes. “HOT ROD Garage” serves as a project build show affiliated with HOT ROD Magazine, and it features her alongside Lucky Costa as host, as mentioned on the show’s IMDb page.

Alex Taylor is driving the car with her helmet on.
Alex Taylor in Hot Rod Garage (Source: MotorTrend Garage)

This show provides a platform for car enthusiasts to glean valuable tips, tricks, and insights into the world of wrenching and automotive customization. As a part of the crew at HOT ROD Magazine, Taylor’s presence in “HOT ROD Garage” further underscores her passion for cars and her growing influence within the automotive community, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the industry.

Education Background

Taylor’s educational background shines with her dedication to learning and growth. She pursued her studies at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a focus on Marketing. Her academic journey spanned from 2016 to 2020, showcasing her commitment to achieving excellence both in her passion for cars and in her formal education.

This educational foundation likely equipped Taylor with valuable skills that contributed to her success as a multifaceted figure in the automotive world, from racing to hosting and beyond. The reason why she has managed to become such a huge success today.

Life Before YouTube

Taylor’s journey into the world of cars has a remarkably early start, with her connection to the automotive industry ingrained since she was just a few weeks old. The notion of “it’s in your blood” couldn’t ring truer in her case. Her upbringing was closely intertwined with cars; from her early days, she spent much of her time at the workshop, especially alongside her father. As she grew up, she observed him at work and lent a hand whenever possible. The seeds of her passion were sown at an early age, and this passion eventually manifested in building her car at the age of 15. Remarkably, by the time she was 16, she and her mom embarked on the challenging journey of Drag Week 2013.

Before making waves in the world of cars, Taylor gained valuable experience in the field of marketing. She worked as a Marketing Assistant at Crower Cams & Equipment Co. for a period of two years and one month, from September 2015 to September 2017. This experience in San Diego, California, allowed her to develop a strong foundation in marketing strategies and practices.

Owns A Business

Taylor is more than just a racer and entertainer; she’s also a business owner. Since January 9, 2018, she’s been running Alex Taylor Worx LLC, a performance auto parts business. She wears multiple hats, coordinating trade shows, creating social media content, and managing advertising campaigns. This venture showcases her diverse skills and her commitment to making a meaningful impact in the automotive industry beyond her racing and hosting roles.

Alex Taylor Worx LLC operates as a Limited Liability Company, a type of business structure that provides both personal liability protection and flexibility in management. Registered in the state of Arkansas, United States, the company’s address is situated at 410 East 2nd Street, Booneville, AR 72927. This legal structure and location reveal the formal framework through which Taylor manages her business endeavors, solidifying her presence not just as an individual but as a professional entity within the automotive landscape.


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