Mom of three, Kelly Cass looks nothing like her age

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Seemingly, Kelly is a woman with confidential nature. Perhaps, she doesn’t prefer keeping her personal life in reach of the prying eyes. However, how much we do know about her is, she is a married woman and is a mom of three.  Yet, the identity of her husband is not known. We even don’t know, how her family life is going on and it remains a mystery to her fans as she is never spotted making any public appearance with her husband and children.

For Kelly, 43, age seems to be just a number. The weather forecaster continues to defy her age carrying youthful charm. Pretty blue eyes and blonde hair adds further glow to her ever-charming face. She owns an attractive body that gives a perfect hourglass explanation. Tall height of 5 feet 8 inches and balanced weight of around 59 kg complements her alluring body measuring 36-26-37 inches. 

well-maintained figure provides justice to any outfits she chooses to wear. She looks extremely hot in body hugging dresses, often flaunting off her pair of toned legs. She would definitely look sizzling in a bikini or in a swimsuit. Maybe, all credits go to scheduled exercises and healthy eating habits. As a weather forecaster and reporter, no wonder she has an impeccable personality.

Kelly Cass’s unique way of reporting and weather forecasting have earned her numerous awards and accolades. Thanks to her dedication to her job. Her fans following is increasing day by day. You can follow on her official Twitter account @Kellycass and in other social media. 

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