Updated: 03/23/2017 02:39 PM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

1980s sex symbol, Adrienne Barbeau still owns enticing measurements

Actress Adrienne Barbeau at 'Agro' premiere in 2012

Adrienne Barbeau is in her early 70s. But take a glance at her pictures, you won't believe how old she actually is. Her natural face with some visible wrinkles and sagging skin might speak true but her still enticing figure tells the different story.

The beautiful actress has an attractive hourglass shaped body with measurement of 36-25-36 inches, which evidences the fact that she is blessed with ample breasts, narrow waist and wide hips. She stands with the height of 5 feet and 3 inches which is perfectly balanced by her weight of 58 kg.

She has natural brunette hair and large brown eyes. Till date, she has appeared in many movies and TV series and with each role she played, she has been successful to garner the attention of millions. Her ever attractive voluptuous figure has certainly been the center of attraction as she always prefers wearing body defining outfits. 

Cited as sex symbol during the 80s, Adrienne has always been an apple of eye to many. She seems amazing for her age, but claims to be all natural. She is believed to have maintained her wonderful assets naturally and hasn't used any artificial methods of staying young like going under the surgeon's knife. 

In 2013, in an interview, she said that “Every time I see someone who’s mucked up their face with fillers or Botox or surgery, I cringe. Do they really think they look better than they did when they looked real?” And no doubt her statement is proving beneficial for her as her glowing face and mesmerizing figure looks much better than other actresses who have taken the help of plastic surgery to maintain juvenility.

Whatever is the fact, one thing that can't be denied is, she is incredibly beautiful and is always an exemplary personality in the showbiz world.