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Twice-married Adrienne Barbeau is a mother of three children

Adrienne Barbeau family picture! Husband Billy Van Zandt and children

Adrienne Barbeau is a twice married woman. Despite failing to prolong her first marriage, she said "I Do', the second time and has been enjoying in a blissful paradise with her small and happy family. She was first married to director John Carpenter on 1st January 1979, whom she met first time on the set of movieĀ Someone Is Watching Me.

At the first sight, they got attracted to each other, however, she was confused to stay in relationship with him as he was rumored to be dating someone else at that time.But, who can change the destiny? At the end of the movie, John asked Adrienne for dinner. She thought he might have called her to discuss his new movie project. But to her surprise, what happened there was out of her expectation.

When she met him at the dinner, she became amazed to see him kneeling down and proposing her. Shortly thereafter, the duo got married in 1979. On May 7, 1984, she gave birth to a son named John Cody. Just 3 months after the birth of a son, something went wrong between them, and they parted their ways with an official divorce on 14 September 1984.

After living a single life for 8 years, she found her new love in the West Coast premiere of the play Drop Dead.  Her prince charming was none other than a well-known Broadway, and TV director Billy Van Zandt.

Within a year of knowing each other, they exchanged their wedding vows on December 31, 1992. She delivered twin sons: Walker and William on March 17, 1997. It has been over two decade of their marriage and they are still together. There is no apparent sign of them calling it off anytime soon. Undoubtedly, the couple is heading strong, supporting each other with love and understanding.