Adam Lallana and his son Arthur Michael

Adam Lallan speaking to an interviewer on the field. He is holding his son Arthur Michael.
Attacking midfielder/winger Adam Lallana is married to his long-time girlfriend since December 2013. With his wife, he has two sons. The eldest son, Arthur Michael, was born in 2012 while the younger son, Albie George was born in 2015.

Liverpool attacking midfielder Adam Lallana is holding his elder son Arthur Michael and his wife Emily Jubb is holding their younger son Albie George. The couple is standing in between Elsa and Anna cosplayers. 1 of 7 Swipe To View More 7
Adam Lallana and wife Emily Jubb with children at a movie screeningAdam Lallana plays as an attacking midfielder for Premiere League club LiverpoolAdam Lallana celebrates after winning the JohnstoneAdam Lallana and his wife Emily JubbAdam Lallana and his son Arthur MichaelAdam Lallana celebrates a goal against Premier league rivals Swansea CityAttacking midfielder Adam Lallana in the action

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