Sharon Leal divorced her husband after six years of marriage. She was married to Bev Land, an actor and director, in 2001. Apparently, she is dating Canadian choreographer Paul Becker.

Rumor is that they both have got engaged a few years back. Sharon is one of the successful actresses who has achieved a huge fame and recognition in the entertainment fraternity. Through dedicating 2 decades period in the movie and TV world, she has accumulated an aggregate net worth of $2.5 million.

Reason behind separation of Sharon Leal with ex-hubby Bev Land is still obscure. So is the engagement news with Paul Becker

Sharon tied the knot with the actor and director, Bev Land in 2001. They spent six years of ecstatic moments together until they decided to end their relation with divorce in 2007. From their marital connection, they have a son named Kai Miles who was born on 13th September2001.

The real reason due to which they made the decision to get separate is still unknown. With the gathered reports, we can speculate that they got isolated on mutual grounds.

It seems like both have moved on their life. Sharon is as of now dating Paul Becker and her ex-spouse Bev has also started the new life with getting married to actress, Dania Ramirez.

A few years back, some media sources revealed that Sharon and her present boyfriend Paul have got engaged. She has been dating Paul since 2010. So the news was not surprising to the fans.

The gorgeous actress, Sharon also has a crush on few celebrity personalities. Have a look at this video where she talks about celebrity crush and interracial relationship.

Sharon Leal earned gigantic net worth from her 2 decades long acting profession

Leal is a lovely and talented actress who is well known for her splendid performance in the movies Dreamgirls, Why Did I Get Married?, Why Did I Get Married Too?

She has been actively working in show business since 1996. Through her long 2 decades acting venture, she has gathered colossal net worth amount of $2.5 million dollars. Leal gained her net worth through appearing in many successful films and TV series in the late 1990s. From 2000 to 2004, she showed up in the Fox Prime Time TV series Boston Public.

Just 7 weeks back, she posted a news that she has been finalized to play the role of Miss Martian in the2nd season of Supergirl. Check out the Instagram post.

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Sharon also loves to have fun with her friends from entertainment fraternity. Have a look at the picture where she is enjoying the moment with some of her close friends.

#beerFest #DTLA woah lotta frickin beer . Goodnight!

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Spectacular actress, Sharon is still going strong on her work and also moving ahead in her personal life as she is dating handsome choreographer, Paul Becker who is one of the producers of Canada’s Got Talent. Very few information about her early married life is available. Neither she nor her ex-spouse Bev Land has yet uncovered the real reason behind their divorce.

Her first marriage might not have worked out well. But, Sharon Leal didn’t let her broken marriage affect her career and has been able to earn a huge net worth.