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Blissful Married life: Meet actress Angela Bassett's Husband, Children! Also, Find out her Net Worth and Caree

Angela Bassett’s professional career has been rocketing to its zenith. At the same time, it's backed by her blissful marriage with husband, Courtney B. Vance. Besides, her net worth is also component leading to a happy and joyous married life – free from any emotional or economic problems.

Angela Bassett has a rocketing career and her married life fully supports it.

Angela Bassett, professionally, is a Hollywood actress starring in various movies such as Waiting to Exhale and Strange Days. She has also been doing the TV show American Horror Story which has hugely increased the TRP of the FX.

Angela had been a prominent figure in the Hollywood during 1995 to 1998, but her career saw slowdown after 1998. Then again, she moved on to make more movies in the 2000s, despite she was only able to get into the side roles. The Sunshine State and The Score are some examples of famous movies produced during that period.

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Since 2011, her career seems to have been rocketing to the top after the signing of the contract with the FX horror series of American Horror Story. Undoubtedly, she has been getting a permanent income with this permanent job, until the series finishes.

Angela’s fame and demand have been continuously rising and, indeed, she is making more money which is a real evident of her increasingly successful career. On top of that, her heightening career is backed by her blissful married life with Courtney B. Vance.

When asked about their long-standing and supportive marriage, she answered – "Respect and negotiation! I want what I want, he wants what he wants and sometimes they’re not the same, but we’ve learned how to negotiate to make each other happy and fulfill our dreams and desires."

Angela Bassett is married to Courtney B. Vance for 19 years

Courtney is famous for his roles in the TV series Law a& Order: Criminal Intent and various other Hollywood movies. Born in Detroit, Courtney managed to complete his BA from Harvard University and MFA from Yale School of Drama.

Unlike among many celebs in an acting career, Courtney has just been married to Angela Bassett since 1997. The couple has really made a great milestone by holding on to each other for 19 years now; they have even made two babies.

Angela and Courtney have one of the longest lasting marriages in Hollywood. Angela Bassett's heightening career, with a jaw-dropping net worth of $20 million, puts her high up on the list of richest black celebs.