Acres of Clay Homestead is a popular YouTube channel managed by Rhonda, who loves sharing her farm life and other experiences with the viewers. Alongside her husband, Kevin, she operates a thriving dairy farm, and they both take pride in showcasing their daily adventures through engaging vlogs.

The channel offers a wide variety of content, providing viewers with valuable insights and helpful ideas related to homesteading, farming, DIY projects, gardening, and repairs. Rhonda’s warm and welcoming demeanor and her passion for sustainable living make the channel a go-to destination for those interested in learning about rural life and finding inspiration for their endeavors.

The Couple Behind Acres of Clay

The Couple Behind Acres of Clay, Rhonda, and Kevin, are a dedicated farming duo who own and run a successful Dairy Farm in the beautiful state of Michigan. Their journey began back in 1997 when they first started dating. At that time, she was just 17 years old, while he was 22. Their love for farming brought them closer, and they decided to tie the knot on November 7th, 1998.

Kevin is using the bulldozer as Rhonda looks on.
Acres of Clay Homestead’s Rhonda and Kevin (Source: Ronda Instagram @acresofclayhomestead)

Now, Rhonda and Kevin have been happily married for more than two decades, standing strong together through thick and thin. Over the years, they have faced many challenges and joys in their farming life, nurturing their passion for the land and animals they care for. Through their YouTube channel, Acres of Clay Homestead, they share their experiences and wisdom with others, inspiring and helping people from all around the world who share their love for farming and homesteading.

Net Worth Of The YouTube Farming Couple

Acres of Clay Homestead has become a thriving venture, with an estimated net worth of $500,000. Their primary income source comes from their successful farming operation, where they run a dairy farm in the picturesque landscapes of Michigan. Caring for cattle, chickens, and turkeys, they have honed their farming skills and made a sustainable living from their agricultural endeavors.

In addition to their farm income, Rhonda and Kevin have found success on YouTube, sharing their experiences and knowledge with a growing audience. While their exact earnings from YouTube are not disclosed, it has become a valuable secondary income stream for them. To diversify their offerings and support their farm, they also sell homemade goat milk soap, along with other merchandise like keychains and caps as can be seen on Etsy’s website.

Acres of Clay Are The Parents Of Four

Acres of Clay’s Rhonda and Kevin, the proud parents of four wonderful children, cherish their roles as mom and dad. The YouTube farming couple has three sons, two of them are named Ethan, Sanders, and a beautiful daughter named McKenzie. Their family journey began with an unforgettable moment during the birth of their first child. Her water broke while she was milking, adding a unique story to their family history.

Ethan, Sanders, McKenzie and their other son are in a car
Acres of Clay Homestead kids, Ethan, Sanders, and Mckenzie (Source: Ronda Instagram @acresofclayhomestead)

Though Rhonda loves sharing adorable pictures of her kids on social media, she values their privacy and chooses not to disclose much about their private life. This decision allows them to maintain a sense of normalcy and protect their children’s personal space. Despite being public figures through their channel and farming endeavors, they ensure that their family remains the heart of their lives, sharing love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

The Farming Life Of Rhonda and Kevin

The farming life of Rhonda and Kevin is a beautiful blend of hard work and passion. They are the proud owners and operators of a Dairy Farm in the scenic countryside of Michigan. Their farm is a bustling hub of activity, as they raise a variety of animals, including cattle, chickens, and turkeys.

Rhonda and Kevin’s love for the land extends beyond just livestock; they also cultivate a thriving garden, where they grow an array of fruits and vegetables. To make the most of their harvest, they diligently preserve the surplus through canning, freezing, and other methods, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Their dedication to sustainable farming practices and self-sufficiency is evident in every aspect of their farm life.

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What Does Rhonda Hope To Achieve From Their YouTube Channel?

Acres of Clay Homestead, Rhonda’s aspirations for their YouTube channel, Acres of Clay, is driven by a genuine desire to connect with people and share valuable insights into real-life farming practices. Through their videos, she and her husband, Kevin aim to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of what it truly takes to run a successful homestead.

Ronda is working on the plants in her garden.
Ronda working in her garden (Source: Ronda Instagram @acresofclayhomestead)

Rhonda and Kevin want to showcase the joys, challenges, and everyday experiences of farming life, giving viewers a glimpse into the rewards and hard work involved in this way of living. By being open and authentic about their journey, she hopes to inspire others who may be considering a similar lifestyle. Additionally, she wants to foster a sense of community among their viewers, creating a space where people can learn from one another and exchange ideas about farming, gardening, and sustainable living.

About The Channel Acres of Clay Homestead

The channel Acres of Clay Homestead is a treasure trove of valuable information and inspiration for anyone interested in homesteading and farming. Rhonda and Kevin share a diverse range of videos, offering helpful ideas for various aspects of rural living, such as DIY projects, gardening tips, and repair guides. For those living in Zone 5b, they provide tailored content specifically geared towards gardening in this region.

Additionally, viewers can find videos on food-preserving techniques and delicious recipes to make the most of their bountiful harvests. Since joining YouTube on February 28, 2019, the channel has amassed an impressive following, with over 61,000 subscribers and more than 21 million total views. Their most popular video, titled “One Very Happy Boy,” has struck a chord with viewers, receiving over 994,000 views. The success of the channel is a testament to the couple’s dedication to sharing their knowledge, experiences, and genuine passion for farming and homesteading, creating a supportive community of like-minded individuals eager to learn and connect.

Early Farming Life Of The Couple

In the early farming life of the couple, Rhonda’s upbringing on a dairy farm played a significant role in shaping her daily routine. Milking cows became her full-time responsibility during high school and the early years of her marriage with Kevin. Her day would kick off at an early 2:30 am as she headed to the barn to milk the 250 cows in a double 16 parallel parlor. Each milking session was a four-hour process, and she took great pride in her work, ensuring that the cows received the best care possible.

After finishing the morning milking, Rhonda would return to the house to shower, have breakfast, and then start her homeschooling lessons. The farming life demanded dedication and hard work, and at 2:30 pm, she would head back to the barn for another round of milking. Occasionally, she would also take on the late-night milking shift as mentioned on her official website.

Like Rhonda, Kevin also had a deep connection to farming, as he was raised on a dairy farm too. In his 11th-grade year, he began working for her family, assisting with milking cows. He continued to work for her dad for a couple more years until he felt ready to embark on his farming journey. Initially, he focused on raising heifer calves and selling them just before they gave birth to their first calf. However, he soon realized that he had a strong desire to establish his dairy farm.

Leaping, Kevin started by renting a nearby farm that was already set up for milking but had been left unused. As time went on, he decided it was time to invest in his piece of land. His supportive dad sold him a plot of land right across the road, and in 1996, Kevin built a free stall barn and a milking parlor on the property, which they now lovingly call Acres of Clay. With hard work and dedication, his dream of owning and operating his dairy farm became a reality, and together with his wife, they nurtured their farm into a thriving homestead.


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