Updated: 03/13/2017 10:06 AM | First Published: 03/10/2017 10:44 AM

Abigail Ratchford has been referred to as 'Instagram Star' & 'TMZ's Sweetheart'

Sexy Abigail Ratchford

Glamor model Abigail Ratchford has long been a Maxim favorite and Instagram sensation lately racking up nearly 7 million followers. Fans can’t get enough of her provocative and skin-baring selfies. 

When asked about how she managed to attract millions on Instagram, she said, “It’s crazy hearing that number! I feel like getting to the first million was a big milestone, then it was easy after that. I’ve gotten to that number by putting out videos I will go viral, developing a relationship with TMZ.” 

In addition to posting hot pics, the curvy bombshell not hesitating to share her crave to be in the industry and even sharing her normal life helped her become everyone’s favorite. Unlike other glamor models, she doesn’t want to make a name for herself promoting others’ brands. Instead, she says she wants to promote her own things – merchandise, calendar, swimsuit issue and more. 

She has been setting Instagram on fire since few years. Seeing her brother, Jason appearing in Clavin Klein ads, the modeling bug caught her from an early age. Grown up to be a smoky bombshell from a round-faced and green-dyed porcelain Barbie doll, she competed in the Miss Pennsylvania, ending up in the semi-finals. 

In 2011, she ventured into bartending service called Perfect 10-ders with 12 girls working for her. At the meantime, she thought of expanding the business in the metropolitan areas but later, her interest developed in focusing herself on becoming a model. 

Prior to getting into the industry, she did photoshoot for her photographer friend named Philly in 2013. But when those photographs were featured in men’s magazines, she earned high attention, which she hadn’t expected ever. Ultimately, her inspiration to pursue a modeling career grew up leading her to Los Angeles in 2014 and make a video More Bounce to the Ounce public. 

Along with the growing social media fans, when TMZ covered the video, it was really a big break for her. She gained high exposure as an outrageously hot and sexy ‘bikinibabe’, ‘Instababe’ and even ‘TMZ’s sweetheart’. Now, she is known for gracing popular men’s magazines like Esquire, Maxim, Zoo Weekly, Playboy, and Nuts. She’s been featured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit website numerous times. 

After relocating to LA, she has been featured in billboard campaigns on Sunset Boulevard numerous times. She is known for making guest appearances on TV shows like Parks and Recreation and Access Hollywood. Despite being Instagram sensation lately, she claims that her vision is to develop a career of substance & longevity that doesn’t depend on Internet success.

Well, we can assume that this charming and business-minded girl will accumulate much more in future. No authentic details of her net worth have come out but some sources claim that she owns whopping fortune of over $3 million. Way to go Abigail!