Updated: 01/22/2018 01:27 PM | First Published: 01/22/2018 12:20 PM

Aaron Kaufman's Arclight Fab is focusing on more ambitious project than Gas Monkey Garage

Monkey Garage team member, Aaron Kaufman trying his hand on plane


It was just a regular day in the Gas Monkey Garage for Richard Rawlings when Aaron Kaufman returned from his vacation.

But it was clear from Aaron’s expression, that he was about to drop a heavy bomb on Richard.

Aaron told Richard the he wanted to make permanent split from Gas Monkey Garage after 14 years.

During vacation Aaron had been working on his own project called Arclight Fab.

Arclight Fab, a fabrication company is the dream project of Aaron Kaufman.

While they specialize in making parts for pickup trucks, they are focusing on Ford F100 trucks.

He hopes to supply the parts for 57-79 F100’s including: Front and Rear suspension, Chassis, Motor Programs, Electronics, Soft Goods.

He aims to deliver a lot of components by late summer of 2017, and step into wheels and finer parts by 2018.