A look into Andy Cohen's NY home and his partner. Is he married?

Andy Cohen - Info

Name Andy Cohen
Profession Journalist
Gender Male

- Quick Facts

Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Marital Status Single
Hair Color Light Grey
Eyes Color Brown
Place Of Birth St. Louis, Missouri, US
Net Worth $ 15,000,000 - Fifteen Million US Dollars Only
Height 5' 0"
Best Known For Host of "Bravo" and Nightly series "Watch What Hap
Hair Style short
Primary School Camp Nebagamon For Boys, Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin
High School Clayton High School
University Boston University
Working For Bravo

Andy Cohen’s lavish NY home cost him quite a fortune. He is not yet married but is rumored to have a partner. Andy went through a break up with his much younger boyfriend and his increasing closeness with Anderson Cooper is a hot topic.

Andy Cohen’s lavish NY home has an amazing market value

The Watch What Happens: live host made a $900,000 off-market deal to acquire a lavish studio-style apartment on a high floor of a celeb-favored building in New York City's West Village. The 48-year-old producer owns at least three other apartments in the building.

They include a high-floor studio picked up in 2003 for an unknown sum and a non-contiguous two-bedroom and two-bathroom unit on the same high floor that was scooped up in 2010 and photographed for The New York Times in the spring of 2013.

What a view! #NYC

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

On August 2014, he coughed up $2.571 million, more than the asking price, for a second two-bedroom and two-bathroom unit that sits directly above the two-bedroom spread he bought in 2010 and immediately next door to the studio he acquired last week. His newly acquired apartment is adjacent to a two-unit combination apartment purchased for $2.55 million by Oscar winner Sally Field.

Purchase of a new expanded home: Is Andy Cohen thinking of shifting with someone?

He has made quite a fortune from Bravo that he has purchased such a lavish apartment. He is the producer as well as the host of the show.

He also owns his very own production company, Most Talkative. There’s a lot of shows under his production and that's a lot of money for him!

Andy stated in his last book that he purchased the unit above his, to expand his living space. It has rose queries like why he needed such a big a space to live?

Two units side by side! He has a dog named Wacha which he adopted in 2013. But isn't the apartment to big for a dog?

Morning! ☀️☀️

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

Is he thinking of living with someone? Is he sharing his space with his partner? But he has ended his affair with his much young boyfriend, Clifton Dassuncao. Can it be Anderson Cooper? Why not?!

They are really good friends and are spending much time with each other traveling and vacationing. They collaborate at work, go for vacations and have dinner too.

They are said to be really good friends but whether they have given their relation another name is yet to be known. Cooper makes frequent appearance on Cohen’s Instagram account.

Andy Cohen’s expanded new home has caught so many eyes. Unmarried for now, Andy might be in search of a partner.

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