5. Julia Roberts and her Vintage Valentino outfit

Julia Roberts holds a very successful career in Hollywood. Moreover, the skill and beauty she possesses earned her a place in the history books. What’s more, the dazzling beauty was enhanced by the Vintage Valentino outfit she picked for Oscar back in 2001.

Julia Roberts in a black jumpsuit
Julia Roberts was wearing a black jumpsuit.
Source: Instagram

The dress was made by Valentino Garavani nine years before the event. Moreover, the designer himself claimed that was the best moment in his long career. Besides, the slander black dress emphasizes Julia’s beauty as she won the Oscar for Best Actress.

4. Jennifer Lopez and her Jungle Printed Dress

Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented, multiple awards winner artist. Moreover, Lopez is known throughout the world for her talent as a singer and her skill as an actress. Likewise, Jennifer also holds many titles regarding her beauty. What’s more, JLo has dawned many memorable outfits in her long career.

JLo in a red outfit posing for a picture
JLo in a red outfit posing for a picture.
Source: Instagram

Among all of these iconic dresses that Lopez wore, this jungle-printed outfit remains the most memorable outfit. Furthermore, her image in that clothes was the most searched image on the internet in 2000. Besides, the clothing was created by Gianni Versace.