7. Kate Hudson with a Yellow Silk Outfit

Speaking of silk, Kate Hudson managed to draw the attention of millions with her outfit. Moreover, Hudson wore the iconic buttercup yellow gown in “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days“. Moreover, many girls wanted to wear the dress in the prom after they saw it in the film.

Kate Hudson posing in a beautiful outfit
Kate Hudson was posing in a beautiful outfit.
Source: Instagram

The amazingly talented designer, Dina Bar-El, created the gown for the movie. Moreover, she managed to charm every viewer of the film. Likewise, the dress remains iconic even to this day. Besides, Kate became the most memorable actress of 2003.

6. Halle Berry with a Taffeta Outfit at Oscar 2002

Halle Berry remains one of the top stars who remains famous and infamous. As the Storm in the X-Men movies, she gained massive success. However, as the Catwoman, let’s say that things didn’t turn out well. But, what did turn out well, was her gorgeous outfit in 2002’s Oscar.

Halle Berry in her most memorable outfit during the Oscars
Halle Berry wore her most memorable outfit at the Oscars.
Source: Instagram

Berry dawned on the flower-designed taffeta dress for the award show. What’s more, the very talented actress showed off her fit body with the tight-fitting outfit. Moreover, Halle was awarded the Best Actress Award for her part in the movie Moster’s Ball. Likewise, her choice of clothing made every head turn for another peek.