5. Burglars Stole an art worth $115k from Kate Moss

The British Super Model Kate Moss loves art. Likewise, she spent thousands upon thousands on pieces of art. However, back in 2010, a thief stole arts worth $115k from her house in London. Moreover, the robber snatched three paintings in total. Besides, ABC News also stated one of those paintings included a portrait of Kate created by the street artist Banksy.

Kate Moss in a meet and greet
Kate Moss in a meet and greet.
Source: Instagram

Katherine Ann Moss was born in Croydon, London, the UK. Moreover, her mother, Linda Rosina Moss, and her husband, Peter Edward Moss, gave birth to Kate on the 16th of January 1974. Besides, Moss grew up with a younger brother named Nick Moss and a half-sister named Lottie (Charlotte) Moss.

4. Robbers Took Almost A Million in cash and jewelry from Usher

Back in April of 2018, Usher’s home in Los Angeles was looted. Moreover, the thieves also stole the security footage, and so they remain at large. The robber successfully robbed $820k worth of jewelry and cash. But, this isn’t the first significant robber this musician faced. Moreover, in 2010, he was sacked at a mall in Atlanta. What’s more, the robbers took jewelry, clothes, and electronics equal to $1 million.

Usher posing for his album cover
Usher was posing for his album cover.
Source: Instagram

The American singer, Usher Raymond IV, was born in Dallas, Texas, USA, on October 14th, 1978. Moreover, his parent, Usher Raymond III and Jonetta Patton did not share a lasting relationship. When the artist turned one, his father left the family. Usher’s mother later remarried and gave birth to his half-brother Kames Lackey.