5. Sheryl Crow

Everybody knows Sherly Crow as a talented singer. But, most of her fans didn’t think she was an all-star athlete. Similarly, she specialized in low hurdles. And Crow later became a member of the Pep Club, The National Honor Society, and the National FFA Organization. Safe to say, Sheryl is more than what meets the eye.

Athlete turned actress Sherly Crow at the basketball court
Sherly Crow at the basketball court.
Source: Instagram (sherylcrow)

The all-star athlete and singer Sheryl Suzanne Crow was born on February 11th, 1962. Moreover, the 59-year old musician was born to Bernice Crow née Cain and her husband, Wendell Wyatt Crow. Similarly, she grew up with two older siblings named Kathy and Karen Crow. Although Sheryl dated many big stars in the biz, she never married. What’s more, she adopted two sons named Wyatt Steven Crow and Levi James Crow.

4. Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne held the hockey stick before holding a mic. Moreover, she started playing ice hockey by the age of ten. Furthermore, Lavigne played in the boy’s hockey league in her home town Napanee, Ontario. Moreover, she played for her high school called Napanee District High School. What’s more, she became the ambassador of the Special Olympics back in 2019.

High School Athlete Avril Lavigne on her Bicycle at the beach
Avril Lavigne on her Bicycle at the beach.
Source: Instagram (avrillavigne)

Born to her parents in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, on September 27th, 1984. Furthermore. Avril was born in the household of Jean-Claude Lavigne and Judith-Rosanne Loshaw. Likewise, she and her family later moved to Napanee when she turned five. Moreover, Lavigne grew up with two siblings in the family. More on her siblings, she has an older brother named Matthew Lavigne and a little sister Michelle Lavigne. Avril married twice in her life. At first, she tied the knot with Deryck Whibley. And later, she married Chad Kroeger.