7. Amy Adams

Amy Adams is an award-winning actress, better known for Enchanted, American Hustle, and more! However, she also earned her fame as an athlete. Moreover, Adams competed for Track and Field at Crossfit Games. Likewise, Amy recently came to the spotlight as Lois Lane in Zack Syner’s Justice League. Similarly, Amy will appear in the movie Dear Even Hasen in late 2021.

Former Athlete Amy Adams posing for picture by the stairs
Amy Adams is posing for a picture by the stairs.
Source: Instagram (amyadams)

Adams was in Vicenza, Italy, on August 20th, 1976, to her parents Richard Adams and Kathryn Adams. Moreover, she grew up with six other siblings in the family. Amy later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with her mother after graduating high school. Currently, the talented actress is married to Darren Le Gallo. Moreover, she and her husband welcomed a single child in their wedlock.

6. Emma Watson

Emma Watson remains one of the top actresses in Hollywood. However, little known fact about her is that she also is an athlete. What’s more, before coming to the limelight in the show biz, Emma used to play hockey for her college. Besides, she used to play field hockey for Brown University. Nevertheless, she pursued acting instead of playing hockey professionally.

Emma Watson by the stairs
Emma Watson by the stairs.
Source: Instagram (emmawatson)

Known for her role in the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson is a top star. Moreover, she was born on the 15th of April 1990. Furthermore, the 31-year old actress grew up with three siblings named Alex, Nina, and Toby Watson. She, along with her siblings, was born to Jacqueline Lusby and her husband, Chris Watson. Emma reluctantly keeps her love affairs hidden from her fans.